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From the album 'Ain't Nothing Wrong With Love'. Out Now

'Ain't Nothing Wrong With Love'' gets released October 16th and will be available from all major download and streaming sites.

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John is English born and bred and has been playing music most of his life. He has played in a few bands in the UK some famous and a lot not quite so famous.
He had a brief spell away from music and in that time did some acting work which included a small role in one of the Harry Potter movies, He also made an appearance in Sherlock Holmes 2,  plus did countless UK TV shows, some commercials and was in a pop video for a band called ‘Busted’ with a song called ‘Year 3000’, which made it to number one in the charts in the UK.
 So all in all his career has been somewhat varied along the way. John has released 14 commercial albums

What others say about him.

John or The Beard as he is affectionately known, is a singer/songwriter originally from London England. His American influenced music and his UK upbringing gives John his own unique style of music. His songs vary from his own style of country (Well what do you expect from a Brit) to haunting love songs , through to songs about life, through to good old Rock and Roll. To sum John up in a few sentences is difficult, the best way to describe him is unique……..
Listen to the man listen to his music.