This is my brand new single released 1st July.
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John Dartnell: The Running Pot

The Running Pot- John Dartnell
John Dartnell - Welcome To My Circus
John Dartnell, or ‘The Beard’ as he is affectionately known has created his own unique style of music through his American influences and UK upbringing.

John has worked as a singer/songwriter for most of his life. He took a short break from music and did some acting. He was in a Harry Potter movie a Sherlock Holmes movie to name but two plus has been in a lot of TV programs and commercials, he was also in the pop video "Year 3000" by Busted. but his first love has always been his music.

What others say:
"John has his own unique style of music. His songs vary from his own style of country (well what do you expect from a Brit) to haunting love songs, through to songs about good old Rock and Roll. To sum John up in a few sentences is difficult, the best way to describe him is unique..

This is the title track from my forthcoming album
I'll See You In The Darkness
It's also available as a download single.


John Dartnell: I

I'll See You in the Darkness - John Dartnell
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John is not currently signed to any record label but is open to offers.
John Dartnell
Welcome To My Circus
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